Bioplastics: The Future Of Food Packaging

The aim of the program is to bring children into contact with technology and new opportunities presented The subject is considered to be extremely topical and interesting in a Europe that cultivates ecological awareness among its citizens, strives to establish environmentally friendly technology and promote ecological habits and products. In this cognitive journey we will be able to produce biodegradable plastic films with glycerin raw material, potato flour, water and color. We will convert water, vinegar, flour, glycerine and old clothes into bioplastic packages. We will make bioplastics even from bananas!  Our students will be able to travel to the countries participating with us in the program, to learn their customs and customs. Take classes in their schools, work with students and teachers, and be hosted in their homes. Your kids will not only acquire friends and practice their English by participating in a variety of educational activities and excursions, but they will learn to produce bioplastics

 The participating countries are: Greece, Germany, Romania and England.