Food packaging materials

Food packaging materials:

Every piece of food today is packed in plastic packaging. The bad thing is the packaging is not biodegradable. Many people throw it away, but microorganisms cannot dismantle them.

Those food packages destroy nature. For example, in the world there is not one single island that has no plastic rubbish on the beach. Even if there are no humans living there, the rubbish of food packaging and other plastics is still there.

It is easy to avoid these problems. Use reusable bags if you go shopping for example. Do not throw pieces of plastic packaging away into nature or invest in biodegradable plastic because this material will not destroy the future of our next generations. There is a new invention; it is like a water bubble filled with water. The inventors, young adults, say that this is the future of water bottles because you only have to bite into the bubble and suck the water out of it. The rest of thebubble is edible because it is bioplastic out of seaweed. And because it is edible it is also biodegradable, you can put the bottle in the compost or give it to a center which can recycle it. Food packaging material can be out of seaweed but also out of starch, cellulose, pectin and the peel of some fruits. Only 1% from all plastic products are made out of biodegradable materials.

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