Eco friendly packaging

Eco friendly packaging:

The world today has to think about the world tomorrow. The next generation wants a clean planet, too.


We cannot pollute our environment with rubbish like food packaging. The majority of food packaging hurts nature or destroys the environment. This is an important point because 10% of all plastic produced ends as rubbish in the sea. Big parts are crushed into small pieces -> microplastic. Those particles are eaten by fish and these fish are eaten by humans so the plastic gets into the eco system and destroys it slowly.

Lots of animal species have already died out because of sea rubbish. Sea turtles for example eat plastic bags because those bags look similar to jelly fish, which is the natural food of the turtles. But if they eat those bags, they die slowly and painfully. If the plastic was biodegradable, this wouldn’t be a problem. Animals could digest it. Also the biggest animals in the world have problems with plastic.

Whales are eating it, too. Especially the micro particles of plastic are problematic. Many whales are eating krill by filtering it through their whalebone. With the krill some plastic also gets into the mouth and the stomach of the animal. It takes a little bit longer, but also a 35m long animal like a whale can be seriously affected by a big enough amount of micro plastic.

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