Biodegradable Plastic

Biodegradable plastic:
A biodegradable plastic is considered as such, if microorganisms (decomposers) can
dismantle them. The plastic has to change its characteristics and chemical structure. Mostly
the plastic gets dismantled into CO 2 , H 2 O and biomass- those materials are considered as
natural ones and do not pollute the environment.
Plastics are very important in our world today. They are used everywhere and the
manufacturing is cheap. We need plastics in our life. Normal plastic is made out of oil that
occurs deep in the earth under the sea. The problem is that some additives of this plastic are
similar to natural hormones- they act like softeners. Other additives are hardeners, colorants
and balancers. The enzymes in organisms process them.
The consequences for sea animals have not been fully researched, but many species die
painfully because of micro plastics in the sea. For example, sea turtles eat plastic bags, which
are swimming around in the water. Normally sea turtles eat jelly fish. Those fish are white
and transparent so they seem similar to the plastic bags. Animals cannot distinguish
between rubbish and food so they eat it without thinking about it. Some small fish are eating
the small plastic parts on the water and those fish are eaten by us humans. So the plastic
gets back into our body and damages it slowly. These problems can be prevented by
biodegradable plastic.

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