Biodegradable materials


Biodegradable materials are plastics, which enzymes can dismantle into small natural pieces, like CO2and H2O.

Most biodegradable materials come from nature and are capable of being returned to it in a way that the natural environment is notharmed. 35% of all plastics produced are ‘’one-time-users’’. After use, people throw them away. That is very bad- it is important to use biodegradable materials for packaging.

Organisms, or their enzymes, can dismantle them without problems, because they already know those natural materials. They do not die from metabolizing these materials. For example you can produce biodegradable materials from bananas. You have to mix it with a binder and heat it up. After cooling down you get a brown black colored substance. With this material you can form a plant cup for seedlings, for example. Lots of garden centers are already buying those plastic cups and sell them with the plants inside. After buying you can immediately put them into the earth. The cup will be decomposed after a while and is an excellent fertilizer for your garden.

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